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Did you know? ...that in almost every one of Sallie Middleton's paintings there is a blue feather? Sometimes it is hidden and you have to search the painting to find it.

It all started when Sallie was working on Chipmunks in August. Her models for the painting were two injured chipmunks, which she had nursed back to health, and a stump in the woods. Every day she would pack up her paints and carry the unfinished watercolor up to the stump.

By the third summer after starting the painting, it was almost finished. One day, Sallie had packed up her paints and was heading out the door when her sister stopped her and said, "You know Sallie, I've been thinking... you should put a blue feather in every painting like the one you put in The Owl and the Apple Tree.

Sallie had her mind on her painting and didn't give it a second thought. When she got to the stump, she sat down on the ground and pulled out her paints. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, a blue feather came swirling out of the sky and landed at her feet! She put it in that painting and in every painting since.


Did you know?

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